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East Kameng district is situated in the Western part of Arunachal Pradesh and came into existence in 1st June 1980. East Kameng is surrounded by West Kameng in the West, Papumpare in the East, Part of Lower Subansiri and Macmshan (International Boundary line in the North and Sonitpur district of Assam) in South covering an area of 4134 The district is an extension part of the North eastward Himalayan range. The entire district barring a small area on the Southernmost 92 36 E to 93 34 E longitude and 26 56 to 27 59 latitudes. (The district Headquarters Seppa lies on the bank of Rives Kameng. Important tributaries of river Kameng are Para, Pachi, Pachok, Pakoti, Keya Bichom Pacha, Pakke, Papu, Passa, Narmorah and Dikalmukh.)


Climate :  

The climatic condition of the district varies largely with topography and altitude. The altitude of different administrative centers varies ranging from 362m to 1960m.The foothill zone is subtropical and has hot and humid climate. The district experiences heavy rainfall averaging 287mm falling mostly between June and in winter extreme cold.


People and culture :

The major tribes inhabiting this district are Bangnis (Nyishi), Akas, Mijis and Puroiks(Sulung). Each tribe has their own dialects, customs and religion. The Bangnis or the Nyishis inhabit the area contagious of North Eastern Kameng extending up to Lower Subansiri district. The Akas inhibit the Bana area and Miji inhibit in Lada circle.

  The festival of different tribes:   


Sl No. Name of festival Tribe Date of celebration
1. Saros Akas 11th February
2. Nyokum Bangni(Nyishi) 26th February
3. Jomglam-Pongklam Mijis 14th March
4. Gumkum-Gumpa Puroiks/Sullungs 15th April
5. Chindang Mijis 15th October


Land Use Pattern Area(ha)
Total Geographical Area 4134 sq.m
Barren & uncultivated land 2348 ha
Cultivable waste land 200 ha
Permanent pasture land 5200 ha
Current Fallow land 8129 ha
Old Fallow land 17400 ha
Net area sown 5200 ha

                     Approximate Livestock and Poultry as per 2001 Census

Cattle 30905 Nos.
Mithun 17044 Nos.
Goat 15435 Nos.
Pig 22435 Nos.
Dog 9784 Nos.
Poultry 110890 Nos.
Horse 4 Nos.
  Area, Production and Productivity of Major Crops in East Kameng district (2007-08)


Name Of Crop Area(ha) Production tones Productivity (Kg/ha)
Paddy 8250 10428 1264
Maize 2453 3121 1272
Millet 490 485 990
Pulses 898 978 1089
Oilseed 1028 1210 1177
Vegetables 388 1886 4861
Chilli 82 127 1549
Potato 90 581 6455
Ginger 55 224 4073