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Details of On Farm Trials be undertaken during 2009-10 (Target)


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Crop/ enterprise

Scientific Cultivation important of Mustard A

   Mustard Var. M- 27, TS-36, TS-38

 Scented rice cultivation A

   Sali paddy Var. Keteki joha

Scientific cultivation of Quality Protein  Maize A
 QPM Maize Var.  HQPM – 5 and HQPM -  7

Mulching in pineapple A    Pineapple var. Kew
High density planting of Banana A    Banana Var. Dwarf Cavendish
Assessment of performance of composite fish culture A    IMC  and EMC like Silver carp, Common carp and Grass carp
Carp seed rearing in nursery pond A

   IMC  and EMC like Silver carp, Common carp   and Grass carp

Vaccination against swine fever A   Piggery
Vaccination against Ranikhet disease A   Piggery
Control of Coccidiosis A   Poultry