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Package Of Practices

Boro Rice

Seed Rate:


  5.33 - 6 kg/bigha
Sowing Time:


  Nov - Dec
Recommended Varieties For   Bishnu Prasad, Jyoti Prasad, Mahsuri,   Boro-1,   Boro-2


 a) Rate:


For Irrigated Area:

Urea: 18 kg per bigha

SSP: 27 kg per bigha

MOP: 6 kg per bigha


For Periphery of low lying area:

Urea: 12 kg per bigha

SSP: 18 kg per bigha

MOP: 4 kg per bigha


For Low lying area: Not required


 b) Application Method:


 In marshy area whole quantity of SSP and MOP should apply during land preparation, Urea top dressed after 21-25 DAT.
Plant Protection: